a guitar music sheet generator


First release ahead


Oh yeah, we're heading straight towards the first release.
Just a small little things left like packaging everything up ....
The first version of the documentation will be put online soon, too.
I'm so excited :)

Ok, it's done


After some heavy code changes at the core of chordeus we're ready to hit the road. All core functions we wanted in the first release are implemented, we just need a little tweaking here and there, a more sophisticated command line tool and some documentation *smile*.
I'm pretty sure we can do a first release within the next few days.

Ugh, it may take some time ...


Just had a look at Haru Free PDF Library 2 that just has been released and now I know two things : First, I have to rewrite many pieces of my code to fit the new api. Second, I really have to reconsider the design of some parts of Chordeus ;)
As I said before : Ugh, it may take some time ...

Homepage content


The Chordeus homepage is getting some content.
Not that much, but I hope some basic information about Chordeus can be found.

Chordeus hosted on


Since today Chordeus is hosted on
Right now there's nearly no content here, but I'll take care of within the next days.